February 19th, 2016

Ещё одно "живое" свидетельство об изгонянии бхутов - в исламе (где их называют джинами)

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Majed Jamaleddine:

Yes, I have been present at a number of exorcisms , though I have never personally performed one.
First you need to know that not all cases brought to the exorcist (Muslim=raqi) are possessions. Very often, the raqi would tell the family that the person is just ill. An experienced raqi learns to assess very rapidly. In some cases, the evidence of possession is very obvious...I watched once while a little girl of about 6 became highly disturbed when her mother brought her over to a raqi (whom the little girl had never met before), and we could hear her outside trying to convince her mother in a very adult way, to take her away from that place at once.
What happens is that the raqi places the possessed victim in a comfortable place ensuring that he/she is in a pure state (not menstruating or sexually impure) , and with no chance of being exposed (especially for women). A number of people may stay around, because the jinn's reaction could be unpredictable and it may turn violent or try to (self) harm its host. For women, one or more of her relatives should be around to restrain her if need be. The raqi then begins to recite selected portions of the Quran. Usually, you start to see visible tremors in the victim, or obvious discomfort. The victim may start to pace or posture in abnormal ways. Occasionally, the jinn starts to vocalise. There is often a very huge difference in voice intonation and facial expression once the jinn takes over, and I have seen one case where it spoke in a language that the raqi understood but the victim did not. Many jinn are not actually malicious and may have possessed the victim in response to a perceived hurt. Some just fall in love with their host and subsequently possess him/her if they are vulnerable. A few are malicious and may possess the victim as a result of some contract forged by a magician (the ones that use jinn, not stage magicians), those are usually harder to send out. Most often, a few hours to a few days of recitation would force the jinn out if it refuses to go voluntarily. Sometimes it may take months. Afterwards, the victim may need to make some changes in lifestyle to prevent the jinn from recurring.
This basically is what I have observed in the exorcisms that I attended.