December 12th, 2015

Ещё одна история об опыте одержимости и изгнании бхута из человека

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"I got possessed by some unseen supernatural powers when I was young. Hailing from a decent family, everyone including myself thought it to be a psychiatric issue and sought help from my uncle who was a neurosurgeon. Even after 6 months of meds, my condition never improved. I felt drugged all the time due to severe side effects of the psychiatric meds I had been prescribed. Belonging to a hindu family, I was taken to a saint who was a Krishnaa devotee. He treated me with holy water , asked me to chant Lord Hanuman's name (god's name) in meditation. Though it took 5-6 months , but finally I got treated.
As pointed out by the saint, the reasons for possession are->

1) Not being chaste/ celibate
2) Eating meat & non-veg food, which are the foods of ghosts/ jinns/ bad spirits
3) Not meditating on God's name, which is the biggest deterrent against possession and invisible powers
[One can chant any God's name of his/her religion/faith, but should be done in meditation with eyes closed to see instant effect. The longer one does it, the more benefit one will see(min 15 minutes a day). Also strict physical celibacy is needed; else meditation on God won't show results]
The Mental disorders that I got rid of after following the above rules->
1) Heavy head
2) Sleeplessness/ severe insomnia- I could not sleep for 8-10 months in a row & no meds could make me fall asleep either
3) Vivid nightmares , which occurred every time I tried to sleep. [Bad supernatural powers cause bad dreams, like falling from cliff, you/ family members getting killed]
4) Shouting violently when asleep even for a moment
5) Throwing arms & legs in dreams
According to the saint, jinns/spirits are in the form of air in this world & are invisible to humans on an average spiritual level . (But once a person comes on a very high spiritual level through strict 'celibacy' & meditation on God over lifetime, he/she attains spiritual powers to see these evil creatures) . Also, these jinns/spirits can attack only the people at low/average spiritual level (ie, who are not chaste/ don't meditate on God's names), that means, they can attack almost everyone on earth, as most of us don't lead a spiritual life. They attach themselves to the person's nervous system as well as circulatory system. They tend to play with the two organs- brain & heart.
The reason for attachment is to get Pleasure out of your body. So, to get pleasure , these powers first enter your physical body via air & once inside the lungs, move into circulatory system and attach themselves to heart, brain, spinal cord etc. Once attached to your body, they get the pleasure that you're getting through food etc (So celibacy is a strict criteria as these creatures like sex pleasures through one's body).
Possession varies ( the % of body getting possessed), & thus can be classified into partial possession and complete possession. Partial possession if not controlled through strict celibacy & meditation will surely move to a full possession in which the possessed person will lose entire control over his body & mind.
Also possession never starts from full directly; it always progress from slight to partial to complete. However , if one reached to a complete possession state, the jinn/spirit has complete command over your body & can do/say anything through your body. In that case, the victim's claims of seeing other beings, creatures, etc. is not what the victim sees, but what actually the spirit sees
After going through the possession, I now believe in both science and spirituality. It has made me much stronger. I also cracked CAT in my first attempt & converted 3 of the IIMs (prestigious MBA college in India).
Also , I've extensively written this article so that anyone who faces any such issue , easily identifies the same & applies the above remedies to his/her benefit. :) :)"